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Amsterdam Art Fair

posted: May 1, 2017

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For Amsterdam Art Fair we chose to juxtapose two artists that in age are 40 years apart, yet their attitude towards making art is very comparable: they both attack the barriers of convention:

Dolk (a pseudonym), born in Norway, 1979 

Ewerdt Hilgemann, born in Germany, 1938

Was for Hilgemann World War II and the restorative 1950s a reason to revolt, Dolk seems to nourish the need to break the conventions of saturated contemporary life.

Hilgemann will show a.o. his model for ArtZuid, the sculpture biennial of Amsterdam, that will be held for the 5th time.
Dolk is still working on a special piece for Amsterdam Art Fair…..

Both artists are much in demand:
apart from very successful current exhibitions in his home country, Dolk will show in Venice at one of the collateral exhibitions of the Biennale,
whereas Hilgemann will excell in numerous exhibitions in Holland, Germany, Switzerland and the U.S. as from May onward.

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