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Resurgence of a sleeping beauty: Stacked Column, 1991
(Homage to Brancusi)

posted: March 30, 2023

We gladly share with you our excitement about the resurgence of "Stacked Column" in Galați, Romania.


“In August 1991 we set off from Amsterdam to meet fellow artists for the international metal sculpture symposium in the city of Galați, Romania.

Driving all the way (2,357 km) by car, we made our first stop in Târgu Jiu, to see ‘The Endless Column’ by the famous Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi. Instead of seeing a picture in a book, looking at the work in real made such an impression, that I wanted to create ‘my own tallest piece ever’ and made an homage to him.

I decided to use rectangular shapes that could be stacked (like pieces of meat on a skewer). shaped by natural air pressure, 4 pieces of 3 meters each, made a total height of 12 meters, while rotation of the boxes provided for noticing similarities, as well as differences in the shapes from any side.

Although the city of Galați were to install the sculpture in an upright position, ‘the beauty’ was laid down in the green alongside the river Danube, where she rested for almost 32 years.

Thanks to citizens raising questions, initiatives were taken to start the process of ‘waking her up’.

I’m very glad to have created a work that might become a symbol for the power of the city of Galați, its industrial heritage and determination.“

Ewerdt Hilgemann
Amsterdam, March 2023

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