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Revisited: An Oceanic Desire

sonia rijnhout

December 3, 2010 - January 15, 2011

"Far from the wilderness of nature, my life takes place in the artificial habitat of the metropolis. The space surrounding me is completely man-made; my movements are determined by structures laid out and organised to make large-scale forces function. Order and planning are carried through to the extreme, and manifest themselves as much in megaconstructions, as in small scale facilities. Branching interminably, its interrelating parts become entangled in a spontaneous and uncontrolled way, functioning as self-organising life-forms. 
ID P01906 W01b2f
sonia rijnhout
Untitled, 1977

ID P018f5 W01b25
sonia rijnhout
Untitled (Revisited), 2009

ID P018f6 W01b26
sonia rijnhout
S040109, 2009

ID P0190a W01b32
sonia rijnhout
S250109, 2009

ID P01909 W01b31
sonia rijnhout
S250509, 2009

ID P01907 W01b2e
sonia rijnhout
S041009, 2009

ID P018f8 W01b28
sonia rijnhout
Pluriform 01, 2010

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