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Matthias van Arkel, Vigorous Aggradations

posted: March 21, 2012
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Matthias van Arkel (*1967), a Swedish artist with a Dutch name, that triggered me. I soon found out that his father, a painter himself, had migrated from Holland to Sweden in the fifties.  Surprisingly, also Matthias van Arkel's work appealed to me and especially his working method, a combination of premeditation and acceptance of results derived from his working process.

He has developed from pure painterly to more sculptural pieces, still looking at them with the eye of a painter.  As a material he applies platinum cured silicone rubber, making objects that either stand by themselves, or combine several pieces to form large scale mural solutions in architecture.

It's amazing how well Matthias developed the skill of combining.  There's no repetition of elements and the total piece gives the impression of a ceramic work made out of plates in sizes to fit an oven. And indeed, the silicone rubber is also heated to the point that its shapes will stay over the years in their shiny vivid colors.

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