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herman de vries, drawings 2012 & 2 stones

posted: September 1, 2012
item archived since: October 31, 2012

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with his latest body of work, herman de vries is conceptually closing the circle in his oeuvre; from informal - zero - random objectivations - natural relations - text works based on phylosophical statements - to the present almost automatic, non composed gestural drawings.

an oeuvre that excels in its own modest yet persistant way, never loud, reflection and meditation, 'less is more'. a rich variety with a yet distinct personal signature.

in his handwritten works as well as his drawings, the choice for color pencil as a medium points in that same direction. instead of a quick reflection on a preferred color, he abides to his own preset rules in order to avoid the temptation of composition. if he decides to go for a work in a certain color, the actual piece may result in a random mix of many shades of the same.

from the beholder this body of work requires a careful study of one's perception, with shades so delicate that they can easily be overlooked, or the opposite, a mesh so dense that the single colors can hardly be distinguished.

in his eighties now, herman de vries has proven to be worthy of his election in the group of 'dutch masters of the 21st century', a series of films in progress about contemporary artists in the netherlands ranging to the top 100:

art affairs is proud to have been working in close contact with herman de vries for over 35 years and will gladly provide you with more information, catalogues etc. should you wish to receive these. also, you may consult the artist's website, maintained by co seegers:
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