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Concept = Matter
Jan Eric Visser

posted: May 31, 2014
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Concept equals Matter
On 28 May a new outdoor sculpture by Rotterdam-based artist Jan Eric Visser has been unveiled.

Employing recycling materials only, Visser addresses pressing environmental issues like overconsumption and resource shortage.

Commissioned by Rabobank, the work - "Untitled 2013-2014", ecological concrete, recycled plastics (Aquadyne), consumer waste, reclaimed river bricks, 726x100x100 cm - aspires a reconnection between modern man and matter. As with all his works, the artist incorporated his own household garbage, i.e. 18 trash bags, to safeguard it from incineration or landfill.

“Garbage is our joint capital for the future, worth taking to a bank” as Visser declares himself. Clearly, in Visser’s artistic practice ‘concept equals matter’.
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